When We Just Don’t Know

Back in the days of sending group emails, before we had social media sharing, I received one along the lines of The Fifty Best Things About Having a Baby. If my memory serves me right, I believe I was expecting Jaron about the time I read it. Within the top three was getting to name a person. Are you kidding me?! Some people consider that to be one of the most wonderful things about having a baby? I thought it was one of the most difficult things about having a baby.

Brandon and I read the entire 100,001 Baby Names book, both girls’ and boys’ names just in case one gave us inspiration. And I still was asking the Lord, “Can you please send me an angel like in biblical times to say, ‘Heather, you are with child and you shall name the child [fill in God-given name]’?” There was so much pressure picking a name for this little bitty being, and pressure in hoping that it was a name they would like to live with— for the rest of their entire life.

It was just the beginning steps of our challenges in parenting. Many times over I have thought how awesome it would be if I showed up to the post office, opened that little mail box and pulled out a step-by-step manual of what do to with and for the fabulous people God has given us called children. I realize God’s Word provides all the ins-and-outs we need, but wouldn’t it be great for a chapter covering cell phones and social media?

I remember a similar feeling when I was in nursing school. Where does He want me to work in this ministry of nursing? I did an externship (same as an internship) in three different areas during my journey through school. People would ask me, “So what area do you want to go into?” My response was always, “Wherever God leads me.” Talk about a vague answer. But it was true. I didn’t really know where God wanted me to be. I would say, “I’m believing the area I’m suppose to work as a nurse is packaged up like a gift with a red bow under the tree on Christmas morning, and when it’s time, I’m gonna unwrap it and be so excited to find out!”

You all know that the angel never appeared to name our children, the book hasn’t shown up in the mail, and the gift was not under the Christmas tree. However….my children all have names which suit them quite well, Brandon and I have never been hanging out to dry on what to do for and with our kids (even though at times we have certainly felt like it), and I found my work home in the area of neonatal nursing with four years of reassuring moments that it’s right where God wants me to be.

The point is, for those of us who cherish itineraries and game plans, the unpredictable things in life can feel downright scary and may I add, confusing. Even though there are times it seems like a roadmap would be an appealing amenity for life’s journey, it would deprive us of some essential components to walking with the Lord—faith and trust.

What is faith if everything can be explained?

What is trust if we know what is to come?

Walking in faith and trust in the times we don’t have explanations or any idea what will come produces the most peculiar result—joy!

There is an on-the-edge-of-my-seat excitement knowing the Lord is going to orchestrate things beyond what my mind could think or imagine. It’s living in anticipation of seeing His hand at work in the difficult moments, knowing that He will provide what we need when we need it.

You have either experienced, are experiencing or will experience the unpredictable, scary and confusing, but you’ve got what you need to get through it. Let your faith be strengthened, your trust be deepened and your joy be completely full as you keep your focus on the One holding the road map.

Psalm 16:11 ESV You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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10 thoughts on “When We Just Don’t Know

  1. I’d like to think that the reason we don’t get a map, itinerary, or manual on raising children is because God, in His divine wisdom, knew that if He did, and we fully could see everything that would take place, that we would run screaming at the top of our lungs and hide in the wilderness until “this too shall pass”! Lol, thank you Lord for teaching us to rely on you fully for the gifts of our children, giving us the courage and wisdom(?) to make the journey with you as our road map and instruction! We could not do it without you! And thank you for the words of encouragement and wisdom that you give to Heather to help us see things in Your Light!

    • Oh Gayle! Yes! Screaming and running would definitely be involved. ☺️ Little doses and an as-need-to-know basis is best in these seasons for sure. Bless you!!! Your comments are gold! ❤️

  2. Hi Heather
    This is Shawna I met you at Exciting Southeast where you told your story and I saw you again at a Wags meeting. I was supposed to write you and tell you my story because of the way God had organized all the events leading up to it and how amazing it was.
    Faith is crazy amazing!!
    I am writing to you today because your post on faith is right on spot!

    My husband was an official at a race car track in Salina Oklahoma
    He was hit by a race car on June 18th 2016. There is much to the story but I need to express that the moment I got the phone call God had applied so much faith on me in me around me it was over powering The Holy Spirit took control and I knew my husband was going to be fine!
    My heart and mind were like one all I knew was keep your eyes on me( on Jesus)everything will be fine! I heard that over and over in my head and heart to be honest I really don’t remember being scared.
    I sent out prayer request on our prayer chain headed to the hospital,they sent me back to the track because they were life fighting him to StJohns. They would not let me see him at the track while he was in the ambulance.My 3 children and I drove from Salina to St John’s.
    I got the phone call at 8:40pm Saturday we did not see my husband until 2or3am Sunday.
    The faith that God has given me is over whelming I Love it!! He has provided so much and still doing so as the road is long but God is Faithful!!
    We are home 1month now he was in the hospital 20days!
    Faith in God and what He can do is amazing!!
    Peace comes with it.
    Thank you for your story.

    • Shawna– thank you so much for sharing yours and your husband’s story with me. I pray many more will read it and receive the comfort and encouragement through it. I love how you said it, “faith is crazy amazing!” It is truly amazing that the natural tendency of fear never occupied your heart through that time– such a powerful testimony of the Lord walking right with you in those moments. Bless you for sharing!!! Prayers for many more miraculous moments to unfold before you.

  3. Thank you for sharing Heather. Our dog of 10 years is losing her battle to cancer and my husband and I are faced daily with waiting on God’s perfect timing.

    • Angelica- I’m praying over you and your husband this very moment. May the Lord continue to provide His peace, comfort, reassurance and strength during this time. I’m going back to the same struggle when we said goodbye to our sweet Bailey Ann. She had been with us through so many changes in life and it was extremely difficult letting her go. Bless you as you soak up the moments with your cherished pet. Sending love.

  4. I loved the paragraph that started with “on the edge of my seat expectation” . everyday I feel that way, that God can and will move in our lives in that supernatural way only He can. God bless you Heather and keep bloggin.

    • That’s awesome, Brenda! I pray this day too is full of great anticipation of everything He wants to do in and through you! Bless you for reading! And thank you so much for leaving a comment! ❤️

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