FakeBooking: Living Real in a Social Media World


Mom, Aunt Donna and I all went to get pedicures last week. It was a special occasion. Actually, after pulling off my socks it appeared one could conclude it as a rare occasion! The only attention I had given my toes since October was a trimming. The French pedicure had nearly grown off—off, off and away! What remained on the quarter top portion on my great toe was chipped, somewhat discolored and left a residual white color even after the polish had been removed. Talk about embarrassing—when the pedicurist is filing the top of the toe in efforts to buff out that funky look.

I would certainly have never snapped a “before” pic of my little piggies to share with my social media friends and family. I do imagine the image along with the typical getting-a-pedicure caption would have acquired some comments. Like, “it’s about time,” or “how long has it been?” or “should you see a doctor for that?

Oh, honestly, it may not have received the comments, because my social media people aren’t social media trolls, but it would have at the least, created some similar thoughts. I know it seems unheard of, especially after the political social media funnels of the last couple weeks. Actually, I’ve been tempted to chime in a time or two, even wrote a blog post, but had to trash it. I call it a “funnel” because it appears to take social media’s intention of connecting people in one direction. Down. And down really, really fast. People unfollow or defriend or step away from participating altogether. I’m not sure some “friends” would even acknowledge one another if they saw each other in the store after some of the exchanges I’ve read. But moving on….

Overall, people really do know how to keep negativity to themselves. We haven’t forgotten Disney’s classic film, Bambi and that sweet little rabbit who was working on keeping thoughts to himself. Yes, God bless Thumper! We all know the feeling, “if ya can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

Nevertheless, we tend to only share what we think would be well-received. Or what we’re proud of. Those not-so-stellar realities in our life don’t need to be showcased. I mean, how many times have we cropped dirty dishes out of the pic or tried to eliminate our kitchen’s cracked grout from making the photo? I could go on. The pile of laundry, the busted fence pickets and falling braces—I know, sounds crazy but it happens around here. Ya know what else happens around here? Shattered light fixtures from soccer balls and basketballs. From the patio to the playroom we’ve got a few that have bit the dust. Then there’s the challenge of avoiding the ongoing sheetrock repair! At the moment, and I figure it may not be a very extended one, but at the moment we have every area of sheetrock repaired and painted! Did you hear the angels sing?! It’s a glorious thing!

Life is just life. And sharing it with others doesn’t require perfection. I mean, you’re probably gonna notice when The Meadows need to mow under the trampoline in a few of our backyard pool pictures. We just don’t like moving that thing every time we mow. So it gets to looking a bit shabby. Or creepy. Like potential snake-home creepy. Now I’ve gone too far. Shared too much. Let me get back on track.

My approach to sharing socially is to follow Thumper’s approach—only share, or say, what is nice. If I don’t have anything nice, I just don’t share. Which explains why there are occasional periods of no participation.

Even here on this blog, we’ve shared some un-pleasantries, but not until we have something to offer from it. A difficult season isn’t for our misery, it’s for our development. Seeking the Lord and gaining insight through the season creates a gift in us to share with others in the right time. Please Note: in the right time.

It’s my heartbeat every reader who visits our online home will receive a little dose of inspiration, strength, joy and encouragement. Personally, some of life’s moments drain those qualities from me. Like the challenging season with our daughter or the unexpected job loss with my husband. I couldn’t write about those when they were unfolding. I had nothing good to give from it. But in time, the Lord turned those into trophies for His Kingdom and tokens of encouragement for us on earth. *check out Living in a Layoff or The Other Side of Failing

When we’re scrolling Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram, or hanging out on LinkedIn, or browsing Pinterest, and any other social media site (cause I just can’t account for or even know them all), let’s remember that those are the highlight reels. We aren’t sharing the behind-the-scenes. Not because someone is faking it, but because they may be in the waiting period—waiting for something good to come from it.

In honor of this post, I’m sharing my toes. Recently pedicured! I chose to go bare. No polish. First of all, I’m so grateful I have my feet, but I’m not a fan of the look. My yucky bone sticks out on my right ankle and my toes curl under. But nevertheless, here is something I wouldn’t typically share—my little piggies. Overgrown-grass-under-the-trampoline pics coming soon (summer will be here before we know it)!

Ephesians 4:29 ESV
Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

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20 thoughts on “FakeBooking: Living Real in a Social Media World

  1. Thank you Heather for always keeping it real! You and your feet are beautiful!!!! Email me – would love to get together soon!

  2. I’m so happy to read your blogs but even more lucky to know you and allow us to service such a kind spirit who by all understanding has faced some difficulties in your life!
    Have a blessed weekend 😊💕

  3. This post fits Isaiah 52:7 perfectly….because it fits you and your precious God steppin’ feet for Jesus! Edification is something the Lord wishes from each of us, that includes kindness, compassion, and honesty…..so with that said, perhaps we need to occasionally post that picture and choose not to delete the dirty dishes so that others can see that we really are all so much alike. We that love Jesus need to let others who love Jesus know not all is perfect all the time…without anger, bitterness, or condemnation we can still preach the good news even with a few dirty dishes, or cracked sheetrock…love you and your blogs sweet girl!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this one. There aren’t too many people who would attempt to blog about their feet but you did a perfect job! I love you! Mom

  5. Love this! Thumper made a HUGE impression on me as a child! So much so, often I remained very quiet.
    Life is a challenge for every one of us in one way or another. Just because someone appears to “have it all” or “all together,” we don’t know the struggles they have gone through or are going through. It’s much better to not judge.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. God’s timing is always impeccable! I’ve recently taken a break from FB because, well, the list is too long. But you definitely nailed a few here. I try to keep it real and I’m comparing myself to everyone’s highlight reels. I feel like a failure. So I chose to take a break. Thank you for posting this and I’m so thankful I get these emails!

    • Thank you for keeping connected with us here on our online home, Annie! I’m so grateful this one hit the spot to encourage your heart. I sure understand the tendency to compare — and even more the tendency to assume. I’ve compared myself to others assuming they have it way more together, doing a much better job. Makes me wanna quit. Then the Lord reminds me that I’m only seeing a portion of the picture because His Word tells me we’ve ALL fallen short. In this particular case, we ALL have busted light fixtures, damaged Sheetrock, cracked grout and toes needing a pedicure. 😊 So thankful for His grace and mercy. Lots of love to you! ❤

  7. I like it, Heather. I don’t like to get sucked in to the negativity, but sometimes I do. Life is full of scars & few(did I say “few?” should have said, “none!”) of us have perfect bodies, much less “perfect” lives. I, once upon a time, wrote Christmas letters to mail to family & friends. I centered on the good that happened to our family during the year. Some felt that I was bragging. Sigh. I was giving God the glory. He is due the praise. I appreciate your expression of this truth, sweet lady! Keep up the great writing. Oh, & if you ever publish a daily devotional, sign me up for the first autographed copy. Love you!

    • Naomi– your words here are a gift to my heart. Thank you for supporting these endeavors from our earliest beginnings, and thank you for living real- keeping your smile and joy as a testimony of God’s hand at work in ALL life’s circumstances– good or bad. Should the Lord speak a devotional to my heart and through my writing I would be honored to share it with the incredibly beautiful, strong woman you are!

  8. I enjoy your blog very much! It inspired me to start a blog of my own. I just recently got “Blissful Chaos” up and running. I love how you share the real things in life! Thanks your encouragement over and over again!

    • I’m so happy for you! Congratulations on your online home. What a joy it is to have you visit ours and leave such a sweet word of encouragement. Truly a blessing to share the moments and a great honor to have you read them. All the best to you!!! ❤

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