Guest Post: Nothing is Impossible with God

*a special post from special guest Dr. Rachel Davis-Jackson*

I was a little black girl born to a custodian and a laborer for a cement factory. At nine years of age, the Lord put a dream in my heart and I told my mother I was going to be a doctor. My father and mother divorced but my mom was a tough single mother. She made sure I stayed on track with grades. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor either. My mom worked three jobs at times to give me all I needed and most of what I wanted. My mom brought me to church on Sundays and I went to catechism school. I completed all the lessons and ceremonies required by the Catholic church.

I was raised to be strong and independent. I have been working since I was 15 years old and obtained my license on my 15th birthday. I went through college without a break; working and studying. Looking back, I was driven. Didn’t realize at the time it was God’s dream in me driving me to fulfill my destiny.

I met my soon-to-be husband in my sophomore year of college and we were married by my 1st year of medical school. I knew of the Lord, because of my upbringing but did not have a relationship with Him at that time in my life. That goes to show you; God had a mission for me and He drove my life, my actions and my interactions from behind the scenes. He knew I would need a partner like Kevin.

When I met my husband, Kevin, I was at a point in my life that I didn’t want a boyfriend. Kevin knew way before I did that the Lord put us together. Even when I would tell him, “I just want to be friends.” He would always say, “I’m going to make you mine.” Obviously he did what he said.  We were married for over 25 years. 

The Lord revealed to me that not only had He placed in Kevin everything I needed to help me achieve my destiny, He also had placed in me, everything that I needed to give to Kevin. God placed in me all the love, patience, understanding and caring to repay Kevin for sufferings he endured early in life.

Kevin and I were married on December 29, 1990. Our marriage was filled with ups and downs. One of our biggest trials came on March 10, 1993. Our first child together was born at 26 weeks, 1 pound, 8.5 ounces. The doctor gave her less than a 50% chance of survival. I was devastated and knew she would die.

Not my husband. He worked with some God-fearing, praying women. He went to work and they prayed together. My husband heard from God and from that time on all he would say was, “ She is going to be fine.”

She is better than fine. She is a smart, beautiful Baylor college graduate. During those times, I doubted Kevin’s faith and his relationship with the Lord. However, while my faith was tested and I was the one doubting God, Kevin had enough faith for both of us. We both had been raised in the church and had strayed away but through trials the Lord brought us back to Him.

We had two other children and I was on bedrest for months for both pregnancies. My husband worked and took care of me and the baby. With God’s help and strength we both survived very troubling times. I completed medical school, pediatric residency and a pediatric subspecialty training by 2002 and had three babies during this time. All of which we could not have accomplished without the grace of God. Kevin used to say, “Baby, it’s me and you against the world.” God’s Word says He will supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). Christ has always been there for me, even when I didn’t even acknowledge His presence as I do now.

My relationship with the Lord grew as we went through all those trials. After specialty training, I was working in a small NICU; definitely not being able to use all my skills and training. I had been praying for some time for the Lord to move me. His answer was to be content where I was and in due season He would move me. I did just that, I made the best of a less than opportune situation and early in 2006 things changed. The Lord told me to turn in my resignation and tell my job that I would be gone in six months. I obeyed and then started looking for another job.

I went on several interviews until the last one scheduled was in Oklahoma. I had never even considered Oklahoma as an option. My husband and I went on the interview. My prayer was, “Lord if this is where I’m supposed to be please tell Kevin too.” I was sure he would never agree to move from Louisiana, after living in New Orleans for greater than 10 years, to Tulsa, Oklahoma. That showed me that what God has planned will come to pass, no matter what. After the interview, I asked Kevin what he thought. Without hesitation, he said, “Let’s try it, Bae.” I was floored. Long story short, we moved December 2006 and since being here, God has blessed me and my family above and beyond our wildest dreams. I started as just another newborn intensive care doctor with the group and the Lord promoted me to medical director of one of the two largest newborn intensive care units in the state of Oklahoma. I was doing what I loved to do, taking care of sick babies and being blessed by it.

My family and I have had our trials over the past 10 years but we also have had so many blessings and so much favor bestowed on us. For example, my oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He went through two surgeries to remove it. I was terrified but I trusted God. I kept having to say, “Lord I believe, just help me with my unbelief.” (Mark 9:23-24) God does answer prayers. My son recovered from both surgeries with no deficits and he is healthy and cancer free to this day.

Remembering my trials and my blessings reminds me of what the Lord told me before we moved from Louisiana. “I will bring you into your land of milk and honey.” He also told me that He would give me the man of my desires in my husband. God did all that and more. My relationship with the Lord continues to grow and my relationship with Kevin just got better and better. My prayer was “Lord, bring Kevin and I closer together and closer to You.” We didn’t have a perfect marriage with no problems, but the last 10 years were the best of our 25-year marriage.

It seems the closer I got to God the more trials I have to endure. But His Word says, to whom much is given much is required (Luke 12:48). I have to say that God is requiring a lot of me since He called the love of my life home to Him on July 26, 2016.  Kevin had just made 52 one month prior.

It was unexpected and almost unbelieveable. My husband’s presence was always larger than life. He lived a blessed and highly favored life, especially the last 10 years. His absence was felt like a tidal wave in a calm sea. The love and support that I and my family received after his passing, was immense. To look back now, I know I could have not made it through this ordeal without the Lord supplying me with all my needs through so many wonderful people.

During this time, I have also had two beautiful grandchildren born, such a bittersweet blessing. They will never get to know PaPa who loved them before they were born. This has truly been the hardest trial of my life. I miss my mate of 30 years and husband of over 25 years. My children miss their father, who has always been father and mother to them when mom was working. By God’s grace and mercy, we are all hanging in there. Our broken hearts are mending slowly. My prayer is “God heal my broken heart and bind up my wounds.” (Psalm 147:3)

My God has never failed me and I know with time and His presence in my life, I will be healed. I thank God for the time I had with Kevin and the three beautiful children we conceived and the one beautiful girl that is my child because she is Kevin’s. I know one day I will see my love again. In the meantime, I stand on God’s words, “I will give you beauty for ashes and double for your trouble.” (Isaiah 61:3-7 The Message)

A Little Thought From Heather:
Our lives speak a message.  I have half a blog post composed on that thought alone.  But Dr. Jackson’s life is a message I’ve received from for years now.  I first met her during nursing school gaining some insight into the world of NICU Nursing as an extern in the summer of 2011.  In addition to the beautiful views from our unit, another one of the “pros” on my list to work there was this neonatologist who took time to routinely write words of inspiration for the staff.  I watched her gown-up for a lumbar puncture and after all protocols were followed for a time-out she paused, closing her eyes to pray.  Not too much time passed till I was working as a NICU nurse caring for a terminally ill baby.  Dr. Jackson came in the room, motioned for me to give her my hands, and we stood together and prayed over that little life together.  Dr. Jackson has ministered to my life as I’ve observed hers. And the message she speaks through it is a beautiful testimony of God’s strength and faithfulness through all of life’s moments– the ones of rejoicing and the ones of pain.  I cannot express how grateful I am for her to share her story with us.  I pray the Lord continues to use the words of her journey to encourage and strengthen you on yours.  He is faithful…. in every season. ❤ Heather

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32 thoughts on “Guest Post: Nothing is Impossible with God

  1. Dr. Jackson was our Anna’s Doctor. I’m sorry for the loss of her husband, but glad she’s gonna see him again!

    • Jessica– thank you for reading and for your sweet words! God bless you, Anna and the amazing doctor who walked that journey with you, using her own story today to encourage and inspire us all! ❤

  2. Rachel Jackson has been such an awesome doctor and so open and willing to share her faith to her patients and family. When I found out she lost her husband I went to the only one that could help her, our Lord and Saviour. I prayed for her and her family then and I do now. Although I have never experienced the loss of a husband, sadly I have endured the loss of my dear daughter, it is so hard still after 12 years but my Lord saved me and gave me purpose for my life. I pray for my friend Rachel and her dear family. God is so great !

    • Dianna– you are such a blessing! Thank you for reading and for leaving your comment! I feel a double blessing right here as Dr. Jackson so generously ministered to hearts from her own pain and you have done the exact same. God is so loving, and kind and faithful. Bless you for illustrating His qualities through your life! ❤

  3. Dr. Jackson took such wonderful care of our granddaughter, Loftyn, at St. Francis NICU, the summer of 2014. We will be forever grateful for the impact this amazing, Godly woman continues to have on our lives.
    Covering Dr. Jackson & her precious family in our prayers.

    • Ben! “Love me some Dr. Jackson” You said it best! We certainly do love her! Thanks so much for reading and for sharing with us. Prayers for great things for your family and for those sweet boys who connected your life with Dr. Jackson’s. ❤

  4. I always have respected Dr Jackson but after reading this post my heart has grown for her 10 times over. What a wonderfully made woman of God.

  5. Dr Jackson will always have a very special place in our family’s hearts. Our precious Ezekiel not only survived but thrives because of her care. God loved us during our NICU stay through Dr Jackson. I will never forget the night she laid her hands on Zeke and led us in prayer.

    • Tamara– “God loved us during our NICU stay through Dr. Jackson.” Oh my goodness!!! Those are the sweetest words. And I know so very accurate. Bless you for reading and for leaving this comment. We are so honored to work beside her and have her speak into our lives as she speaks into the lives of all those she comes in contact with. All the best to you, your family and little Ezekiel!!! ❤

  6. Such a wonderful testament to “God hanging in there” to work out His plan for this Dr and her life. Through the good, bad, and the ugly, HE IS EVER FAITHFUL!!! Prayers for joy for her and her family through their loss…sweet memories are powerful healing ointment!

    • Sweet memories ARE definitely a powerful healing ointment! Thank you so much for reading and for leaving these words, Gayle! Dr. Jackson’s life is such a beautiful testimony of how the Lord works in and through our lives as we allow Him. ❤

  7. I cried such tears of joy reading this story. We were touched by this special doctor with our grandson Samuel’s Moore. You see, he in all the medical world was suppose to die but he lived! Forever thankful for this precious doctor and pray blessings on her!!!

    • Praise the Lord, Linda! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful comment with us of how God used Dr. Jackson in those unsure times. Grateful to have had her share her story with us. Thanks so much for reading ❤

  8. Dr. Jackson is amazing and was a blessing in disguise during a terrible storm in my life. God truly does place certain people in our lives at the right time to help guide us. During her care of my son it was obvious how much she loves her profession and that she is driven by faith to serve. Her care and the care of all of St Francis NICU staff allowed me to have special days with my son during his short life. You know you have a special physician when you are told they have looked through medical books and re read information to make sure they are not missing a piece to the large complicated medical issues my son faced. May God continue to bless her and may He comfort her as grief is never ending.

    • Nicole– I can’t thank you enough for sharing your words with us. I’m so grateful Dr. Jackson’s words spoke to you through those very difficult days as a source of comfort to you in the most unimaginable moments. She is a beautiful vessel of God’s love to our world. All the best to you! ❤

  9. Rachel always had a heart of gold. She’s smart, highly educated, eager to learn and ready to teach. I am so sorry that I couldn’t have been there for her, but I did pass the word of Kevin’s passing to her fellow ex-coworkers. I love her and her children and though I’m constantly in prayer for her and so many others, I wish the very best, in God’s name, for her.

  10. I do not know this lady, but I am truly greatful to have read her story. It has touched me in such a way that can only come from God. He always know what we need to hear! There is no mistake that I came across this on facebook and read her testimony. This sister in Christ has encouraged me and lifted my soul up with her faith. I will be praying for her and her family that God brings double for her trouble and Jesus mends her broken heart as only He can and will do.

    • Sarah– so grateful you were able to receive of this post at just the right time. God works all things together for the good! Bless you for leaving such sweet words of encouragement for my friend! Honored she shared her story here to speak into the lives of others! ❤

  11. I started reading and I thought to myself, I know this lady! She took care of our baby Aaron while he was in the NICU. What an amazing testimony. I’m sad to hear of her husbands passing. I will he in prayer for the amazing and kind Dr. Jackson. She has touched so many lives. I’m glad she let the Lord lead her to Tulsa!

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