Speaking Events

Looking for a speaker for a special event or service?

Heather shares a message of overcoming and victory.  No circumstance is too bleak and no label is too despairing for God’s hand to be at work.  God has invested special gifts inside each and every individual; regardless of outward appearance, past failures or current circumstances.  Sometimes we have to dig past the surface and discover how God will implement His unique plan in our life as we are open to His creativeness.  Heather Meadows wears the label of “survivor.”  She has a story to share; a story about God’s goodness in the midst of storms.

Past Speaking Events Include:

Women’s Groups

Special Services

Celebrate Recovery

Women’s Prison Graduation

Anti-Bullying for Elementary Students

Self-Esteem/Positive Image for Teenagers

Motivational Topics for Nursing Students

Click Here to Read Testimonials of Past Speaking Opportunities

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