WDW park hopper

Park Hopper or No Park Hopper? 

the Park Hopper option allows you to….well, as it implies, park hop.  you can visit as many parks in one day as desired.

we used to get the park hopper option but felt we were eating up time traveling between parks.  now we go and stay in one park per day.

the first thing we book is our dining, so that determines which park we stay in each day.  we start with a list of where we want to eat, along with the dates Magic Kingdom is having Spectromagic and Hollywood Studios is having Fantasmic.  we coordinate the two together, call on the first available day to book dining, and plan from there.

for instance, if we want to eat at the Crystal Palace and Cinderella’s Royal Table, and also see Spectromagic; we look up the dates for Spectromagic and have those dates as our options to get in for breakfast at Crystal Palace and dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table. that way we are in Magic Kingdom for the day, getting to do everything we were hoping without eating up time traveling back and forth, AND without spending the extra money.  with far advanced detailed planning, you can create a fantastic trip without hopping!